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Better decisions.
Better cities.

LOPI makes cities better with technology. It consists of applications that enable learning about the needs of residents by efficiently collecting and analysing data obtained directly from the public.

LOPI is a tool dedicated to decision-makers responsible for dialogue with residents and conducting public consultations. Information collected through LOPI ASK and LOPI TALK directly contributes to improving the quality of life in cities and increasing the confidence of residents in decision-making.

Reach many people and learn their opinions on how the city works.

Collect data on specific places in the city space – parks, playgrounds or meeting places, thanks to the interactive map.

Make the right decisions quickly with automatic visualisation of answers on maps and charts.

Set-up LOPI to your needs and receive the right information directly from residents in real-time.

The development of the city means continuous decision making, analysing possibilities, conducting social consultations and searching for the best solutions that will affect not only us but also the lives of future generations.

That is why it is so important that the implemented investments are perfectly planned and consulted with the inhabitants, so as to avoid conflicts in the future and the need for costly changes.

To be able to manage a city effectively, you need to know the needs of its residents and define development goals within the assumed budget and time.

By using LOPI ASK and LOPI TALK, you have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings because you get useful data that you can easily share, making decisions more transparent.


LOPI users


given answers


places tagged on maps


Any type of questions

Depending on your needs, you have at your disposal: open questions, closed questions, multiple-choice questions, questions about photos, choosing the right number on a scale, questions with a slider, answer matrix.

Mark on the map locations

The interactive map gives you the opportunity to mark a specific place or area on the map to which a question relates.

Built-in logic module

Questions can be related to each other, which makes it easier for respondents to complete the survey, and enables decision-makers to receive more valuable information.

Automatic summary of results

All received data is immediately saved and made available in the administration panel in the form of readable tables, graphs (bar, pie) and various types of maps.

Discussion via an interactive map

Discussion participants, e.g. discussing a proposed spatial development plan or a new road, may directly refer to selected places or areas on the map.

Forum for residents

This allows dialogue between residents and decision-makers or specialists working on solutions to be used in cities. You can add your own discussion threads and comment on other statements.

Moderation of discussion

Administrators and moderators can influence the course of public consultations and engage users to participate in them by providing information, answering questions and analyzing the discussed issues.

Many configuration options

Thanks to the intuitive administration panel, you can easily configure LOPI TALK to suit your needs. There are many configuration options thanks to which Lopi Talk can be used to conduct free discussions, evaluate proposed solutions or even collect proposals for participatory budgets.
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Good quality information, intuitiveness of the application and real impact on changes in the city have made us trusted by many companies and institutions.